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I am the scientific type who loves the digital evolution of our internet and the evolution of computer technology in general. Back when I became the Webmaster of the Internet I knew that I would someday merge with the Singularity phenomenon and it's people like Ray Kurzweil. I knew from the start intuitively that I would construct the Internet's largest link farm as a psychical strategy in respect for life and the dna based Implicit intent as Mandatory Immortality Education for all child killing humans (everyone)

Diamond Wedding Rings and Adsense Ads Financing Immortality Education Online

search manipulation search manipulation coup – Coup University of ……/coupuniversityoftheinternetweb/…/search-manipu… You +1’d this publicly. Undo 40+ items – University of the Internet Internet Genius Coup in Psychicality: … Diamond Clarity Psychics Children’s Internet Coup Diamond Clarity Psychic Readings: Children’s … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Happy blogging! code rebuilder modality

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